answer the following questions and follow the guidelines 1

Answer all the questions below:

  1. How do the photographs of both Lewis Hine and Jacob Riis represent the concerns of the Progressive Era reformers. Offer 2 specific examples from the photographs. (Use different illustrations in your submission as you respond to the questions raised in the assignment).
  2. What surprised you about the photographs? Describe 2 specific examples from photographs (name the specific photos) to back up your responses.
    in your responses to this question.

Use different photographs as examples

  1. Describe two (2) Progressive reforms on either the local, state, or national level that addressed the concerns of Hine and/or Riis as illustrated in their photos.
    Describe the reforms.
    b) Were these reforms realized during the Progressive Era? (before 1920)
    Use different photographs in each question for your examples and illustrations.


Write using your own words.

Only use the websites listed below.

No outside research is allowed.
Answer all the questions listed below.
Respond to all parts of the questions asked in a thoughtful and thorough manner.

You can number your responses to correspond to the questions asked but you must write in essay format.

Do not skip spaces between responses.
Do not repeat the questions.
Do not type a heading, title. Place only your name on the paper.
Type the word count at the end of your last line. Minimum word count 275. Maximum word count 460.

Lewis Hine:

Lewis Hine:…

Lewis Hine:…

Jacob Riis:…

Jacob Riis:…

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