analytical and perceptive research essay

The paper will address the problems and challenges related to various Homeland Security Management topics. You may choose a topic that is highlighted in the book or any subject that relates to what you have chosen as your research topic/presentation. This is an analytical and prescriptive assignment: If you don’t identify a problem, you don’t have a paper that meets the learning outcome. How you address the problem or challenge’s causes, implications and possible solutions, will form the basis of your critical thinking grade. The recommendations you offer will form the basis for evaluating critical the originality of your ideas.

The research paper is about how to prepare for large scale earthquake (San Andreas). My topic is about “The Big One” which will hit California at some point in the near future.

-Page range is 4-6 pages (not counting title and reference pages)

Writing Standards:

Students are expected to show writing skills that demonstrate proficiency in describing, analyzing, and evaluating ideas, concepts and experiences. Written material must follow the specific standards as stated in each assignment or points will be deducted. Citations of authors’ work must appear within the text and references at the end of each paper (as needed).

Evaluation Elements Value

Relevant Topic and Support10%

Organization and Formatting20%

Mechanics (Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation)20%

Content, Coherence and Readability50%

Total 100%


For this this essay please write, according to guidelines mentioned above, about how to prepare safety and effectively for a major California earthquake. (Specifically the earth quake following the san andreas fault) Include how it is 160 years over due and any relevant informations as to: how to better be prepared, what to expect from the quake, and lastly how it will effect us.

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