an essay that reflect an old movie called musicial working

I want an essay with 3-4 pages that reflect and counter the movie that will be send to the tutor

Write a short review of the musical Working that you viewed in these separate clips. In your review, choose among the following suggested discussion points to guide and structure your paper. You, of course, should come up with some of your own, as well.

  1. Evaluate the overall emotional impact of the production on you. What did you like and dislike about the production from an artistic perspective?
  2. How did the readings in the book inform your perception of the show and the characters?
  3. Which characters were most relevant or resonated the most with you and your family?
  4. Only a small portion of the interviews made it into the production. What omitted parts did you find helpful to understanding the characters and their backgrounds?
  5. Discuss and compare your most likeable character and your least likeable character in the show.
  6. Discuss how the songs impacted the production and their suitability for the characters.
  7. Identify and discuss some of the major themes that you see emerge from the show and how they might apply to your life.

Discuss what part of their story you would use to put them into the Working script as a character. Choose one person who would be particularly well-suited to having a song in the show.

The attached clips are separates and you have to watch all of them to get the idea about the topic, please tell me if there is a confusion or misunderstanding.

Attached here a picture of the assignment. The separate clips will be send after the tutor agrees to take this offer. The clips will be send through WhatsApp due to their large sizes.

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