advocacy letter 1

What is an advocacy letter and what is its purpose in public health policy? Your role as a health educator requires that you advocate for positive health. In that capacity, you might face challenges in communicating effectively for promoting changes that enforce positive health. Advocacy letters are an effective tool that health educators may use to influence public health policy. Advocacy letters provide important information or ask policy makers to support a piece of legislation. As a written form of communication, advocacy letters may even suggest that policy makers, legislators, or community leaders earmark funding for public health and health education programs.

For this Assignment, review the Advocacy Written Letter Template, Guidelines for Writing Advocacy Letters, and Example Advocacy Letters and Resources in this week’s resources. Reflect on the health topic that you selected for your health communication campaign. Consider how you might develop an advocacy letter to address your health topic and to whom you should send your advocacy letter.

The Assignment: (1 page)

  • Write an advocacy letter that focuses on your health topic for your health communication campaign.
  • Review the “Guidelines for Writing Advocacy Letters” document found in Week 3 Resources for specific guidance.
  • Be sure to address your advocacy letter to a change agent; introduce yourself by name; clearly state what you asking and the rationale; include statistics to support the need for action and cite the statistical reference (reference page recommended); and provide a personal example or story that shows you passion for the subject.
  • Note: This letter should be a formal letter signed by you (electronic signature) with a clear appeal to a policy maker to introduce a policy, support a piece of health legislation, or create awareness for your health topic. Manual signatures are not needed and scanned letters are not accepted by Turnitin, so electronic signatures only. The letter should be a formal single-spaced document with appropriate spelling and grammar.
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