addresses the importance of listening and the role it plays within a public relations profession


The essay should contain the following sections:



An introduction should gain the reader’s attention, address the importance of the topic, and include a preview of what your paper will cover (at least 1/4 page in length).

Section 1: Role of Listening in (fill in the name of the profession that you researched)

The first section, based on research from a minimum of five scholarly sources, addresses the importance of listening and the role it plays within a particular profession (your current or desired profession) as well as the kind of listening training conducted in the profession. This section is based solely on research, not your personal perception. All information should be appropriately documented with in-text citations and a references page (bibliography) should be included. This section of your submission should be at least 2 pages in length (minimum).

Section 2: Criteria for Effective Listening

In section two, you will outline (and explain) a personalized and sophisticated LIST of ten criteria for effective listening behavior. Each item on your list should be numbered and explained in great detail. This section of your submission should be at least 1 page in length (minimum).

Section 3: My Listening Strengths and Weaknesses

In the third section, you will incorporate a descriptive analysis of your listening strengths and weaknesses according to the criteria you outlined in section two. Address each criterion individually and specifically. Which relationships and contexts will you target? How will you chart or monitor your progress? How will you address each area/behavior identified as a weakness? This section should be at least 2-3 pages in length (minimum).

Section 4: My Listening Tests Results: The Big Picture

In the fourth section, you will provide a summary of your listening-test results. This summary should contain a descriptive analysis and interpretation of each set of results as well as a discussion of your listening strengths and weakness and how your skills have evolved (according to your test results). You should reference your actual overall test scores as well as scores on individual sections. You may use tables to display your data, but I want to see descriptive paragraphs as well. You may use the analyses that you have written throughout the semester to assist you in writing this portion of your paper. This section of your submission should be at least 1 page in length (minimum). Many students greatly exceed the one page requirement, but I am simply looking for a summary.

Section 5: Plan of Action to Address My Personal Listening Weaknesses

Finally, the fifth section of the essay should contain a specific and detailed plan to address your current listening weaknesses (identified in section three AND in section four) and how you plan to continue to improve them. This section of your submission should be 1 page in length (minimum).


A conclusion should follow that briefly recaps what you’ve shared and brings closure to your submission (at least 1/4 page in length)


Your submission must include in-text citations as well as a references page. Use APA format for all in-text citations and the references page.

This paper should be eight to twelve pages in length (not including the references page).

The application essay should be single-spaced with a 12 font size. Meet the minimum page requirement for each section; you may be over but not under the page requirement


To complete this assignment, your essay must:

* address the importance of listening and the role it plays within your current or future profession using a minimum of five current, scholarly sources, using proper in-text citations as well as a bibliography

* establish a comprehensive, sophisticated, and personalized list of ten criteria for effective listening behavior by drawing on all that you have learned during this course (number each item and including a description for each individual criterion)

* provide a thorough, well-organized evaluation of your listening strengths as well as weaknesses according to your established criteria

* interpret all listening-test results in an explicit, descriptive, and meaningful manner (a reference to each portion of the tests is required). Your analysis should include all three listening tests (pre and the post Watson Barker and the Kentucky Comprehensive)

* provide descriptive, specific plans for the continued development of the listening behaviors you describe (Especially focusing on those areas/behaviors that are weaknesses)

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