accounting major research major


Select a controversial issue in your field of study (an example might be the use of body cameras for law enforcement officers if you are in law enforcement studies or the increase in number and intensity of forest fires if you are studying fire science).

Then locate 4 relevant and reliable peer reviewed secondary sources from the University’s Library and the internet (at least 2 of them must be from the Library) that you think this student could integrate into his or her paper to support and validate ideas. Explain briefly how you located the sources and why they are reliable and relevant.

Explain why integrating and giving credit to sources are both necessary in this writing situation and clarify how using these specific sources you have chosen might be valuable in helping the classmate to write a strong academic essay. Be sure to explain to your audience how integrating sources effectively can help a writer establish and maintain professional integrity and respect.

Then include a 6th edition APA References page citation for all 4 sources and explain to your classmate why the sources are cited the way they are.

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