85 word composition in spanish

  1. VERBS: Use verbs from your text (p. 39, 75, 111, 149, 183, 215, 247, 281). Preterit or imperfect tenses only. Clue words on eText page 267 are helpful. POINTSwill be lost for any verb tenses which are not preterit or imperfect (except for a sentence or two with your opinion at the end of the composition).
  2. NOUNS: Use any nouns, even if not in this textbook.
  3. ACCENTS and TILDES (ñ): Use correctly.
  4. PUNCTUATION: capital letter at the beginning of a sentence, period at the end of a sentence, commas when needed; no run-on sentences.
  5. WRITE 85 to 100 (Spanish) words. NO ENGLISH.
  6. Choose ONE TOPIC below for a title:
    1. Machu Picchu (optional video in Folder 6)
    2. OR Los Uros (optional video in Folder 6)
    3. OR your famous person from Oral Presentation. Write only about their occupation, or life situations. Do not tell the family names, nor dates, nor education, nor places they lived. (This is not a copy of the 15 sentences from the Oral Presentation.)
  7. Must be factual (not fictional) and original (not copied).
  8. At the end, you may give your personal opinion on the topic. (Probably would be a sentence or two – part or all present tense.)
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