7 10 pages assignment related to risk mnagement

Final paper assignment

Please review the document attached below and find more 4 or more reliable scholar resources to analyze the incident below

Texas Explosion August, 2013

Address the Risk Source elements of the Bow-tie Representation of Risk Management Model in figure 14.1 of the Hopkin text ( in the document attached below)

Assignment should be 7 – 10 pages long.The following format is recommended.

Title: Case Analysis of the Fall of Humpty Dumpty (Part 1)

Abstract:One paragraph on the second page; tells what the paper is about

Introduction:Provide an overview of the purpose of the case analysis and the components of the model used to conduct the analysis.

Description of the event: Provide a description of the event you have selected.Address the following elements from the model as they relate to the event analysis:

  • People
  • Premises
  • Processes
  • Products

The following sections will reflect your analysis of the following Risk Sources as they relate to the event:

  • Strategic risks
  • Tactical risks
  • Operational risks
  • Compliance risks

Conclusions:Summarize your analysis; include any recommendations you may develop.Include evidence in the literature as indicated in any of the sections of your paper.

Significance:Describe the “lessons learned” and implications for risk management. Refer to the literature review as needed to compare to what others have used to address the same issue.

Important notes:

  • Use proper APA format for in-line citation and references (this worth many credits, so its very important)
  • The 4 or more resources you will find must be reliable scholar resources (magazines, newspapers, ets are not acceptable)
  • Please follow scholar paper structure, this is a final paper
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