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John Braithwaite presented a reworking of labelling theory which included reintegrative shaming. It follows that negative shaming can cause young offenders to become criminally susceptible. He posits that reintegrative shaming may be an effective strategy to intervene. He continues that there are two parts to reintegrative shaming. First, the offending activities of the individual are shamed with some form of reparation made to the victim and the community, while some form of punishment is administered where this is felt to be appropriate. Second, the rituals of reintegration are subsequently undertaken to restore the individual to an inclusive society which values their role and person. Much of the implementation thus far has been with juveniles, but which other types of crime may this model be effective among adults? For this week’s discussion, describe a crime that reintegrative shaming may be appropriate in punishing adults. Then describe how you would implement the elements of reintegrative shaming. If any, what would the limitations be?

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