2 5 3 page paper on recent event in financial sector 2018 2019


^suggested article to cover, us-china trade war impact on fixed income markets

must cover the points bulleted

The purpose of these exercises will be to discuss a recent event (within the prior few weeks or so) that has taken place in the financial markets, and what the implications are to the fixed income markets as a whole or to a particular sector.

There is a plethora of data that comes out on a daily basis, any of which has the potential to provide you with sufficient observations to complete the assignment. Obviously, the greatest impetus for market movement is when news comes out that is unexpected. It is these situations that will provide you with the most material covering the event and the subsequent market reactions. Some of these events may be, but are not limited to:

-Fed action/comments (easing, tightening, no change)

-Release of economic data (monthly payrolls, inflation measures)

-Corporate activity (LBO’s, Takeovers, Buybacks)

-Legal changes (congress)

Each of these write-ups (2-3 pages double spaced pages) will be graded based on the writers display of understanding what took place and what were the main areas affected by the given event. Supporting references can and should accompany your discussion but it should be kept to your own words as much as possible.

Basically, I just need a recent event that happened in the financial market and summarize the article

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